Orphanhealthcare* is dedicated to help families with a rare disease since 8 years. Numerous families received our help through the years. Just in Switzerland 350.000 kids have one of 7000 known diseases. Most of the children won't be celebrating their 10th birthday. In our new Point of Care for Rare in Zurich we offer Consulting, Education, Therapies, Relieve and Coaching. This way we focus on offering a big improvement to the life quality and resilience of the whole familiy.

We are very thankful to the our partner Swiss Prime Site, who donated an office to us, so we may use our means to help affected families more accurate. This way we ensure a future support for families with a comprehensive and sustainable concept.

Would you like to help too? With a donation of CHF 20.- which is equivalent to 4 cups of coffee you give a comic book and hours of relieve to a child. With a donation CHF 100.- you provide a coaching to an affected family. This enables help also self-help and brings relieve to the daily life with a diseased child.

Would you like to become a company partner? Then please contact us. We are happy to advise you on this within our CSR-Circular economy program. Please send your inquiries to Dr. Frank Grossmann:

Donation account of Zürcher Kantonalbank, or donate by credit card or Paypal with the remark: "ELFEN at SPS"

Zürcher Kantonalbank, Bahnhofstrasse 9, 8010 Zurich

IBAN: CH65 0070 0110 0025 9021 4 , Clearing: 700, SWIFT (BIC): ZKBKCHZZ80A

Donations to us are tax deductible. From CHF 100.- you will automatically receive a donation receipt from us. Thank you very much for your important support.

If you would like more information about our work, please write us an E-Mail or call us (+41 43 680 11 33 or + 41 79 246 50 69). We will gladly send you further information by post.

We thank you for your importand contribution!

* (Orphanhealthcare stands for health and care for more than 7,000 "Rare Diseases" Orphan Diseases)

Orphanhealthcare is a tax-exempt and charitable recognised Swiss foundation.