Ideas are the roots of our innovation. Core items of our work are projects that are aligned with the demand of young and old patients, as well as the needs of the market. Those affected need direct help and support at once after diagnosis. They need specific answers and comprehensive support management.


Affected people urgently need specific an individual answers and a complete support management after their diagnosis. 

There are too few medicines for rare diseases (Orphan Drugs, Orphan Diseases, Rare Diseases). Most of them are so expensive that many health and other insurances refuse to pay for them. Therefore, we take different paths. Developing new medicines or alternative treatments requires ideas, courage to be entrepreneurial and the corresponding partners.

We actively integrated partners and various sources through our development company Orphanbiotec to permit more cost-efficient research and development. Impact investors will play a great role in this in future.

We are stronger in cooperation with partners and will be able to reach even more of those affected. Do you want to join us? Just contact us.


Integrating and mobilizing those affected

We integrate those affected and those not affected. We give those affected a voice and a face with our BLACK NOSE campaign, which has already acquired international status.

We encourage them to commit to work in their own matters and those of others affected in our health promotional program ELFEN HELFEN.

This creates trust into our own resources, promotes resilience and shows those affected that they are not alone. We need others to create a network that we need to advance.


Promote visibility

Translation into English follows as soon as possible. 

Seltene Krankheiten führten bislang ein Schattendasein und sind deshalb erst wenigen bekannt. Sie brauchen deshalb viel mehr Sichtbarkeit. Zu oft sieht man Betroffenen ihre Krankheit eben nicht an oder sie leben isoliert. Unsere international ausgerichtete Kampagne BLACK NOSE®️ gibt Betroffenen ein Gesicht und Stimme und ermutigt sie durch das Mitmachen vieler.

BLACK NOSE®️ ist inzwischen in 9 Ländern angekommen. Dass sich auch Nichtbetroffene für Seltene Krankheiten sowie Prominente und unseren Partner mit einer schwarzen Nase engagieren, unterstreicht die Wichtigkeit dieser Kampagne und den gemeinsamen Erfolg. Nationale Partner unterstützen uns bereits dabei, doch es braucht noch weitere Partnerschaften, um diese international und breiter zu lancieren. Das von der Stiftung eingetragene Warenzeichen BLACK NOSE®️kann man auch für eine eigene Veranstaltung mieten und einsetzen (Nutzer-Lizenzen). weiter lesen



Band Gotthard

Partnerships research

Translation into English follows as soon as possible. 

More about our projects


Our partners from therapie, counseling to patient support

With those partners we are successful today. Are you interested in a partnership or a cooperation? Just contact our director Dr. Frank Grossmann:

Research partners:

- University Zurich
- Steinbeis Center Heidelberg, Germany 
- Orphanbiotec Ltd. 

Promotional partners:

- Google Adwords
- Foundation Suyana
- Schellenberg Witwer Lawyers
- UKBB (Uni-Children Hospital)
- Grand Hotel Vienna
- WIGRA Group
- CMS Hasche Sigle Lawyers
- Padrutt PR Ltd.
- Phonak Ltd.
- Interactive Media Foundation
- Cattani Cosmetic
- Takeda Ltd. Schweiz

Event partners:

- Janssen Cilag Switzerland
- Mediservice Ltd.
- HILTL Ltd. 
- Paul Mitchell
- Radio Zürisee
- Club Surprise
- Eurordis
- Roche Austria
- Swiss Embassy Vienna