We use natural resources for affordable therapies and alternative treatments for rare diseases. That is what we call economically useful and sustainable.

The basic idea

Knowledge on thousands of active substances from natural resources is traditional knowledge. Medicines have been made of these for thousands of years. Since natural active substances have been part of our food for as long as there have been people, modern man (Homo sapiens s.) has become used to them. We have learned to avoid some toxic active substances, while others have healing effects. We take a closer look and combine the active potential of these useful substances for alternatives to develop Orphan Drugs (remedies for RD) from these.

Today, the pharmaceutical industry focuses on synthetically produced active substances and antibodies. They often show unexpected and severe side effects later and are extremely expensive to produce. Even large pharmaceutical companies send research teams to aboriginals now to learn their ancient knowledge on important medical plants from them. They just don't like to talk about it. We do.





Smart thinking

We are certain that the traditional knowledge is far from being fully utilized yet. We link it to the pharmacological requirements to modern and safe treatments to develop Orphan Drugs from these. Since we also use the new legislation for the development and approval of Orphan Drugs, we are able to reach our targets faster and more cost-efficiently. We also do not need to invest in buildings and marketing, which protects our resources and those of our investors. This way, we can ensure in future that our producers have a guaranteed basic income, our partners new active substances, and patients will receive new and affordable treatments.




Bottom up

Since even the large pharmaceutical companies are far from always successful on their long and costly paths to developing new medicines, they look for innovations among other, often small companies. We cooperate to provide innovations and treatments for licensed use. Once they are on the market, we will receive an annual profit share. We will see in this context how sustainably the "pharmaceutical companies" actually act and how important the health of people suffering from rare diseases actually is to them.

Our procedure is transparent and fair – because we are not profit oriented– and it enables further development projects for the future. Everyone can profit from this – the farmers, the health insurances, pharmaceutical partners, patients, the social community – and ourselves.

We will gladly keep you up to date as we receive further news.



Our main targets

We want to use even more knowledge on active substances in future and develop new treatments. Our advisory board is available for developing the basic idea. The other funds for basic and start-up financing need to be acquired still (fundraising). Assuming this will take place, we will be financially independent within 10 years and able to fund our entire work from our projects in the long run. For this, we need donations, legacies and impact capitals. If you want to help us, we will make many new treatments possible together.



Our Advisory Board's current members are:

Prof. Dr. Gerd Fricker – Director Steinbeis Center Heidelberg, Germany
Dr. Orlando Petrini – Pharmaceutics specialist/Lugano, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Caroline Maake – Development studies member/University Zürich, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller-L. – Managing physician at the Charitee Berlin/gastroenterologist, Germany 
Prof. Dr. Rugerro Fariello – Entrepreneur and Orphan Drug specialist/Lugano, Switzerland 
Dr. Walter Rexroth – Former hospital director/gastroenterologist/Heidelberg Germany
Prof. Dr. Frank Bau – Strategy consultant and coach/University of Applied Sciences Chur, Switzerland 

Another option

Help us and become a friend of the foundation. Recommend us and help open the network together with us. Only together can we be strong and tackle important tasks for rare diseases. I want to join Friends of Foundation. Thank you for your trust and your important contribution!