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The promotional foundation Orphanhealthcare is the first charitable Swiss foundation for rare diseases. It was founded in 2010 by Dr. Frank Grossmann with the target of improving the quality of life of people affected by rare diseases. We enable research and development and promote exchange of experience on the subject of rare diseases. Together with our partners, we combine knowledge and act to promote information, education and inclusion for those affected and their families. 22 millions of affected children in Europe need us. We are counting on your support to reach them.

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Our vision

Rare diseases become part of a modern and affordable health system. Affected people receive fast an accurate diagnosis, affordable therapies and other alternatives. Rare diseases are in future an integral component of the medical research and development.


We combine knowledge and promote exchange of information about rare diseases. We offer those affected direct aid and research alternative and new treatments together with innovation partners.

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Our promotional program ELFEN HELFEN permits exchange of information, education and important direct aid for improved integration and quality of life of those affected.

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With what

With innovation partners, patrons, Friends of Foundation and honorary employees from our network, we implement important campaigns for better visibility of rare diseases. Donations are paid directly to the individual projects to the benefit of those affected and their families.

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Your support helps people along

Your donation is of fundamental importance for affected children and families. Help Elias and other „Orphans of medicine".

Orphanhealthcare is a tax-exempt and a recognized charity under Swiss law. Up to 20% of your donations to us can be deducted from your taxes.