Our projects encourage children to face life, improve their quality of life and enable affordable new therapies and alternative treatments. 

The Children's Care Package from ELFEN HELFEN

It is very important for affected children to answer their daily questions of why they are ill and different. They want to "belong" and need friends. This is why we developed the children's care package. It is made up of a comic book and large and small cuddly animals. The book teaches knowledge, promotes understanding and reflection. It builds bridges and gives courage in life. This way, we improve the quality of life of the affected and non-affected children as well as their parents every day.

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The interactive book

This is an online tool that follows up on the comic book for affected children to answer their daily questions on why they are ill and different. Children (as well as adults) find it easier to digest difficult information in a playful format. In the game, they can submerse themselves and experience the world and everyday life differently and more simply. Our online game makes it possible to experience the comic figures and their stories live in direct exchange with other children. They can change the stories of comic heroine Cuba and their friends, take on their roles and build bridges to other children that way. This makes it much easier and enables them to build a bridge for integration in everyday life already. We still need donations for implementation at this time.

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1. Development project for »stomach cancer«

Our project on the diagnosis and treatment of mucous membrane tumors of the stomach affects more than 140,000 new cases per year in the EU alone. It has been impossible to diagnose these tumors in any other than the late stages so far. Therefore, the prognosis is very bad and fewer than half of the patients survive the first 5 years after diagnosis. Our development project is making early diagnosis possible and treating these rare forms of cancer based on the "markers" of the tumor tissue in future. Early recognition increases treatment chances by complete removal of the tissue with minimally invasive technique (out-patient, unbloody intervention under short anesthesia) clearly and is confirmed at more than 90%.

The natural active substance used by us in an entirely new combination is scientifically well researched, safe in use, simple to apply and evidently effective according to medical publications. The project has received 2 promotions from KTI (Kommission für Technologie und Innovation des Bundes/Bern) to date, and a total subsidy of CHF 1.4 M. The development project is managed by our partner, Orphanbiotec AG and developed in cooperation with the university of Zürich and the Steinbeis-Center Heidelberg. The target is a new pioneering active substance and affordable Orphan Drugs.

Research project of Orphanbiotec AG (website currently not available due to updates)

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2. Research project »Amyloidosis«

Light chain (AL- ) amyloidosis; Our project for a new and sustainable treatment of AL-amyloidosis affects approx. 5000 new cases per year in the EU alone. Most of these patients no not survive in spite of treatment or need to discontinue treatment early due to adverse effects (anemia, delamination of the oral mucosa, bad pain). Healing is very rare. The prognosis is very bad. Survival with attempted treatment is currently at only 1-2 years. The standard is a very expensive and elaborate systemic chemotherapy with great side effects. Treatment to fight the cause of amyloidosis has not been developed yet.

The target of this project is development of a new medicine made of safe active substances that specifically prevent lumping of the protein chains and reverse organ damage that has already occurred. This effective treatment with few side effects is to clearly increase the patients' survival rate and also increase their quality of life again.

Research project of Orphanbiotec AG (website currently not available due to updates.)

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