We encourage them to commit to work in their own matters and those of others affected in our health promotional program ELFEN HELFEN.

The family at the focus

Our patient-centered coaching is an important part of our promotional program ELFEN HELFEN®. Dealing with their own situation and talking to a trained coach is essential now for an affected family. Exchange at eye-level will give the family members courage and sustainably improves their psychological resilience.

Our coaches give individuals, families and small groups active "help to help themselves". Resources are activated to clarify conscious and unconscious motives, targets and values. In playful interviews with the coach, an affected family will learn how to tackle and master problems out of their own strength. Together with the coach, individual resources will be included in the search for a solution and traumas will be processed.

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Respite days to recover

In addition to coaching, respite days are a central element of our promotional program ELFEN HELFEN®. This health promotion program enables affected children to have unique experiences in special locations while their parents can profit from professional supporting coaching.

A timeout at a stable or a day trip with the St. Bernhard dogs of Barry Family & Friends into the mountains are only two examples from our offer.

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