Orphanhealthcare offers affected people specific support in their everyday life.  

Orphanhealthcare offers direct support to those who are affected and provides comprehensive help.

We use targeted campaigns such as Black Nose®️to raise awareness in society and reinforce the attention to the subject of rare diseases. Our main desire is to improve integration and the quality of life of affected children and their families.

By establishing contacts with international experts on the subjects, mediating important points of contact and promoting exchange of information, we support those affected in their often-difficult everyday lives.

Elfen Helfen

Short-term and effective: Qualifying affected families

Long-term support and qualification of families are our main desire and an important part of our promotional program ELFEN HELFEN. Together with our CSR partners (Corporate Social Responsibility), subject and education experts as well as patient organizations, we promote the affected persons' self-competence as well.

Children and parents affected by a rare disease have many questions. We offer children and families important direct help for their everyday lives in addition to mediation of specific points of contact, information and exchange of knowledge and information.

In addition to respite days that enable children to have unique experiences in special locations, patient-centered coaching is part of our promotional program ELFEN HELFEN as well. Trained coaches actively support those affected in their everyday lives and help strengthen their resilience (=psychological resistance).


Economically meaningful: affordable therapies 

Translation into English follows as soon possible. 


1 + 1 sometimes makes 3

In order to tackle the central tasks in the area of rare diseases, we have combined two innovative partners – a charity and a social company. Our business model is sustainably aligned this way; when both partners support each other and are more successful together, everyone can profit. Our first social partner is Orphanbiotec AG (direct link to the new website), the first pharmaceutical company in Switzerland with a socially compatible profit claim. Part of the profit from the developed therapies will go to the foundation. Our model has already been awarded 1st place of the Swiss young entrepreneur's prize of SEIF in 2011.